Modular Portable Fence offers mainly mobile wire fence and panels products for world customers. Based in China, Jinzhu Portable Fence & Panels mainly exports fencing products, made from woven wi

Modular Portable fence

Modular Portable fence


re mesh, welded wire mesh, expanded metal mesh and other

metal mesh materials.Portable Modular Fence line is a complete fence system.
This modular fencing is easy to install and quite competitive when labor is considered. It will last a very long time and is perfect around hot tubs, pools or yards.

Modular fence panels are designed for quick two-person installation and can be installed on virtually any surface. The panels are simple to disassemble, relocate and re-assemble on site.
Temporary fence panels are available in various sizes of width and height.

Jinzhu offers systemized metal panel with edge protection offering a higher standard of safety to reduce the risk of falls from height.
Temp modular fence panel is a highly visible full-mesh panel with a galvanized and powder-coated finish. Temporary barrier panels are of triple wire construction for extra strength and rigidity, galva

nized and powder-coated in high visible yellow.


Modular Portable fence

Modular Portable fence

Main Application:panels also incorporate an integral toe board.

Security fencing at construction sites
Protection from theft and accidents
Secure building area
Special event crowd control
Crime and disaster scene security

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