Portable Base Ball Fencing

Portable Base Ball

Portable Base Ball

Baseball And Softball Fencing – Sportpanel- Fencing – Portable White

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Product Description

“Designed for portability, panels are lightweight, durable, weather resistant, and economical. SportPanel® transports easily and installs quickly.

All panels are interchangeable and the system expands to meet nearly any size requirement.

Once the event is over, sections stack neatly and compactly, saving time as well as transport and storage costs.

Portable Base Ball

Portable Base Ball

Measures 10-1/2′ W x 44″. An affordable alternative with all-around superior performance. Ideal for all kinds of sporting applications.

SportPanel outfield fencing is in use at high schools, parks, universities, sportplexes, and has been used at thousands of baseball and softball games nationwide”

Shipping Weight: 26 pounds

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